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The problem of getting off the bagged cement

Author:Click:608 Release time:2017-06-21

Generally, the bagged cement is transported manually from the truck to the warehouse. Is there a better way to do it without manual labor or to reduce labor? I thought about forklifts, but forklifts need pallets to facilitate forks, but we are here to load trucks with cement. There is no tray, please help me if there is a better way, thank you. Just ask, if I take out the pallet, will the general cement factory be willing to put the cement yard on the pallet?

1. No manual method: I am also engaged in cement work. I have not yet encountered a method that does not use manual unloading. The method you mentioned using pallets is not feasible. Nowadays, people usually use cars to transport cement. When the bags of cement are stacked on the truck, although they are neatly stacked, if they are stacked using a forklift, it is estimated that they will not be able to load. First, there will be a slippery bag. Don’t outsource There is a pressure between the bag and the bag, it is estimated that the forklift will not be able to fork; 2. Ways to reduce labor: If there is a certain distance from the car unpacking point to the cement storage point, you can consider making a conveyor belt (iron frame, installing wheels , Belt, engine), which can move freely, which can reduce labor intensity to a certain extent.

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